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History of Mosaic Installing Mosaic

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Each Mosaic is quick and simple to install and does not require any special tools or skills.

Our mosaics are hand cut natural marble which is 3/8" deep and 1/3" wide .   Just like marble, Mosaic pieces can be installed  indoor or outdoor

The Mosaic piece is supplied glued to a fiber-mesh backing, ensuring that each of the hand-cut marble mosaic tiles remains firmly in place during shipment.  They come rolled like a carpet that needs to be unrolled upon unpacking .

Installation of the Mosaic is carried out in a similar manner as installing standard marble tiles.

Installation Steps:

STEP 1 Remove the paper backing from the mosaic

STEP 2 Install Floor or Wall Tile Adhesive to the area in which the mosaic is to be installed.

STEP 3 Place and level the Mosaic on the Tile Adhesive

STEP 4 After 24hrs, apply Tile Grout to the Mosaic, removing any excess grout with a damp cloth prior to drying.

STEP 5 Once the Tile Grout is dry, apply a Marble Tile Sealant to the Mosaic to seal the marble and bring out the individual characteristics of each tile

Note:  To install it on the wall or on the ceiling , you can glue it to a wood panel and fix the wood panel to the wall.