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Front Entrance Doors

Whether you are building your dream house or sprucing up the home in which you already live, Honduran mahogany front entrance doors can transform your entry way into an eye-catching work of art. Borano is a leading manufacturer of solid mahogany front entrance doors, all of which are custom-crafted to fit client specifications. Their doors are available in a variety of motifs including French, Italian, Spanish, and more.

Each style of front entrance door Borano offers is capable of creating a whole new mood for the front of your house. The Florence doors, for instance, have the look and feel of a classic Italian countryside home. Like all of Borano's doors, they are 2 3/8 inches thick and made of 100 percent Honduran mahogany. The Florence doors include hand-crafted paneling and lovely arched tops.

If straight top doors with glass inlays are more your style, you must take a look at the San Sebastian front entrance doors. These doors would also work well opening up onto a deck or garden patio. Simple yet elegant, the San Sebastian doors can take an ordinary entrance way and give it a dose of pizzazz. Borano offers wood finishes in three shades: mahogany, dark oak, and butternut, and the lighter butternut shade looks wonderful on these bright and airy doors.

Borano also sells door accessories such as knobs, knocker, and hinges. They make it easy on you and your architect or designer by shipping doors that are installation-ready upon arrival. All of their many styles of doors are featured in color photos on the Borano website.

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