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Solid Wood Entry Doors

Have you ever driven or walked by a home and taken special notice of its front doors? Did you happen to notice that more often than not when this occurs it's usually a wood door you're staring at? Solid wood entry doors almost always look terrific, and when the wood is authentic Honduran mahogany, the doors are as strong as they are beautiful.

Borano makes solid wood entry doors in dozens of different styles, every one with its own unique flair. Some of Borano's doors are playful, while others are chic and sophisticated, but they all invite admiring gazes from visitors and passerby alike. If you've been considering ways to spice up your home's exterior, installing a set of solid wood entry doors from Borano can be every bit as effective as remodeling (and much less expensive).

The Cordoba is an arched set of doors that evokes images of an eighteenth century Italian courtyard. Installing a set of Cordoba solid wood entry doors can alter the whole ambiance of your home's exterior. Borano offers Cordoba doors in any of its three shades of finish (or unfinished if you prefer). Because of their simple elegance, Cordoba doors really shine with one of the darker finishes.

Borano has been working closely for years with top architects and interior designers. They are happy to fill special orders created by you and your architect or designer. Simply fax or e-mail your exact specifications and Borano will custom-craft an exquisite Honduran mahogany door with which to beautify your home.

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