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Wood Front Doors

Of all the wood front doors that Borano offers, the Taranto model is easily one of the most magnificent. Its ornate hand-carvings are truly unique, and it would fit just as well in an eighteenth century Italian castle as it would in a stylish modern home. The craftsmanship on the Taranto is so elaborate that it takes an additional five months of production time, but those who fall in love with this lovely door don't seem to mind the wait.

The addition of a set of Taranto doors can change the whole look of the front of your house. These solid Honduran mahogany doors included intricate carvings that are truly a splendor to behold, with lions' heads at the top and lovely oval centerpieces. Like all of Borano's doors, the Taranto model is available with or without finish. If you prefer to order your doors pre-finished then Borano's own dark oak or mahogany finishes are both excellent choices for this majestic set of doors.

The Taranto doors are not just wonderful to look at--they are also quite sturdy and can be ordered in impact-resistant form. Borano is one of the few custom door makers that can offer Dade County certified impact-resistant doors. When you look at a set of Taranto doors, it's easy to imagine them standing strong in the face of even the strongest winds and rain.

Ordering any of the luxurious doors offered by Borano is easy when you visit their website. You can receive a free quote online just by filling out some simple information, such as the measurements of the door you need and whether you'll need a finish, knob, or custom hardware. You also get to choose whether you want your door in arched, elliptical, or straight top form.

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