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Mahogany Front Doors

Before investing in a mahogany front door, it may be a good idea to ask yourself the following question: what do you want your front door to say about you? Some people purchase a front door based solely on what they've heard "matches" their home décor or architecture, never considering that it might be nice to let their personality shine through in their front door. At Borano, every mahogany door is custom-designed one at a time, so that the personality of the owner can't help but make its way into the door.

The Ottana is a mahogany front door that proclaims a majestic, confident character resides within. Ornate yet not ostentatious, this door is perfect for the homeowner who is in touch with his or her inner king or queen. Stately carved panels are accentuated with wrought iron studs and intricate iron framework. The lighter butternut finish is a popular color for this striking mahogany front door.

For a more feminine, delicate look, the Sevilla front doors are simply divine. These doors include charming hand-carved panels and glass sidelites and transom. The Sevilla door speaks to guests in warm and welcoming tones of rich, muted mahogany. Every bit as strong as any of Borano's other front doors, the Sevilla adds an inviting feel to the home it adorns.

The Siena and the Capri are two of Borano's more playful mahogany front doors. They are perfect complements to the home that is cozy and bustling with comings and goings. No matter what your home décor or personality, Borano can custom-design a mahogany front door for you that says what you want it to say.

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