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Custom Interior French Doors

Some people prefer to have an open layout in their home, as it can create a more spacious appearance. There are, however, times when you may want to close off certain parts of your home. For example, if you frequently entertain, guests may feel that they can freely enter any of your rooms if you don't have doors that can close.

You may, however, want to keep some of your rooms off limits to your guests, and perhaps your children. Those who work from home may want to make sure that their files, books, and computers remain private. With custom interior French doors, you can enjoy the appearance of an open floor plan while still securing some of your rooms.

Styles of Custom Interior French Doors
Interior French doors are available in a range of styles, including single and double French doors. Unlike traditional interior doors, a pane of glass will be the main feature of your interior French doors. To add a custom look to interior French doors, you may wish to design a metal grille to cover the glass.

At Borano, you can find a selection of custom interior doors that can be cut to fit any size doorway. If you have large archways into which traditional doors do not fit, Borano's custom interior French doors will let you close off parts of your home. You can also craft a uniform image throughout your home with their custom windows and exterior doors.

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