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Stylish Front Doors

Borano has a large selection of stylish front doors to suit any taste. If you have a picturesque home with classic exterior features, like ivy climbing along the chimney or natural stones lining the entryway, adding an antique style door can complete the storybook picture. For homes that have a contemporary flair, you may prefer clean lines and geometric details.

Among Borano's antique styles, the Taranto incorporates incredible detail in the form of a lion's head on each of the double doors. The head is framed by a carved wreath and further accentuated by the exquisite pattern atop the door frame. Anyone looking at this stylish door will feel as though they have been transported to the home of medieval nobility.

Stylish Front Doors for Contemporary Homes
The modern styles that Borano offers contain details that are just as refined. The Sierra Morena and Lucca doors feature geometric patterns that dazzle the eyes in three dimensions. They also offer an array of stylish front doors that blur the line between classical and modern aesthetics.

All of the stylish front doors from Borano are made from genuine Honduran mahogany, one of the most treasured woods in the world. Mahogany is known for its beauty and durability. Though mahogany has a naturally deep red shade that appeals to many, you can opt for Borano to apply a lighter finish to your door if you are matching it to other wood. You can also order stylish front doors in custom sizes, providing you with a tremendous amount of flexibility if you're in the process of building a new home.

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