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Mahogany Double Entry Doors

If you want your home to attract attention and make a statement about your tastes, consider adding double entry doors. Most homes today feature single entry doors. Double entry doors are less conventional, more convenient, and often grander.

If you frequently move large objects into and out of your home, you have to take care not to damage the door frame. Whether you're a professional musician who's always traveling with his cello or a furniture buff who's always bringing new pieces into her home, maneuvering through standard doorways can be a challenge. While you do not want to damage your belongings, you also do not want to damage the doorway or the door.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Mahogany Double Entry Doors
Beyond their practicality, double entry doors offer a different aesthetic than single entry doors. At Borano, you can find a large selection of double entry doors that are crafted from Honduran mahogany. Mahogany has a red tone that only deepens over time, creating a luxurious appearance.

You can choose from many styles of arched mahogany double entry doors, square top double entry doors, and square top double entry doors with an arched top. To further personalize your mahogany doors, you can choose the finish, the finish of the hinges, and a host of other decorative details. Whether you're building a home themed after older European homes (for which the Buenos Aires door may suit your tastes) or a modern style (for which the San Sebastian or Sierra Morena may be better suited), you'll find mahogany double entry doors to match your dream house.

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