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Solid Wood Exterior Mahogany Doors

At Borano, you'll find a wide range of solid exterior mahogany wood doors. Unlike standard wood doors that you might find in local hardware stores, Boran's exterior mahogany doors are thicker, and feature pre-hung solid mahogany jambs that are also thicker than the standard width. At nearly 2.5 inches thick, their solid wood exterior doors meet even Dade County, Florida's strict building codes for hurricane impact.

More than simply functional and durable, their solid mahogany doors are visually stunning. Part of their visual presence is due to the doors' increased size, but the intricate detailing of the mahogany also contributes to the doors' beauty and charm. You can find a range of styles at Borano, from traditional church doors to modern geometric patterns.

Solid Wood Exterior Mahogany Doors as Replacement Doors
If you currently have a single entry door that you are planning to replace, you can choose among a number of arched and square top designs. On the other hand, if you are in the process of designing your home, you may want to consider a wide entryway with a pair of solid mahogany exterior double doors. In addition to the style of the door itself, you can also choose from different finishes and hinges.

If you are making extensive renovations to your home, Borano has many other products that you may wish to consider. In addition to solid wood exterior doors, they offer many interior doors and mahogany windows. With their mahogany wood flooring, you can instantly make any room warmer, more elegant, and more special.

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