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Mahogany Casement Windows

As a designer or architect, you may have found that many of your clients give very little consideration to windows. Often, even savvy clients do not realize what a beautiful and dramatic effect the right windows can have on a home's appearance. While double hung vinyl windows are easy to clean and offer a minimalist appearance, they often lack the character of wooden window frames and sills. In addition, if one is not tall, double hung windows can be difficult to open all the way.

As an alternative to using double hung windows, consider mahogany casement windows. Casement windows consist of two panes that separate vertically in the center of the window. As the windows simply need to be pushed outward or pulled inward, they are much easier to operate, regardless of height.

Many Styles of Mahogany Casement Windows
Borano offers a large selection of mahogany casement windows to suit any home style, from contemporary to traditional. They offer some mahogany windows that run the full length of the floor, which are perfect for homes with elevated balconies. They also have mahogany casement windows that can be used to replace existing double hung windows.

If your clients want a large window installed in part of their home, Borano offers both fixed mahogany windows and large casement windows. Either style will allow more sunlight to enter your client's home. Casement windows, however, also provide the benefit of letting them open the window to take advantage of the good weather on spring and summer days.

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